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Didn’t do any birding today, yet……

Today was about the nicest day we have had since arriving on January 1st.  Spent part of the day cleaning – vacuuming, moving the beds to clean under them, etc.  Spent the rest of the day sitting outside in a lawn chair reading.

…..yet this morning, while taking Abby for her morning walk, we went out the park gate and crossed the road over to the Resaca.  Surveying the shoreline as much as I could see, I noted several Black-crowned Night-Herons.  As I was standing, a Green Heron came up out of nowhere and flew across to the far shore.  And then a Green Heron flew in a landed on a branch right in front of me.  When it saw me, it flew off further along the shore.

I guess it was a Green Day.

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