Meeting today

05 Jan

This afternoon I met, with Diana and Jo-Ann to toss around some ideas for what we could do to promote birding here at the park.  We have come up with about 5 things.  1 – We have the OK from management already to build a bird blind at the bird garden for photographer’s.  Management has agreed to supply some manpower to install some of it.  We need to submit a design.   2 – We are going to have some signage made.  Two signs.  One to inform people about the viewing area in the library.  And the second one is to point the way to the bird blind.  3 – We are going to have a bird house contest.  We are hoping to have about 20 submissions.  Then at one of the craft shows, held every other Saturday, at the Rec Hall, we will have them on display and people can vote for their favourite.  The six with the most votes will be put up in the yard out in front of the library.  The rest will be taken behind the library and put up along the fence around the dog run.  4 – Field trips.  We are going to have 2 a month.  One will be more casual and geared for the novice.  The other will be more advanced, further afield and will involve walking and will be limited in number of participants.  5 – Monthly film festival.  Bird related films such as “Birding – The Central Park Effect” will be shown.  We have use of the computer room with the big projection screen.

This all seems rather ambitious.  But you never know unless you try.  And it is amazing what you can accomplish when people team up.


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  1. Bob Zeller

    January 5, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    Sounds exciting to me!

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