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So far…

We have been busy just getting settled in so far.  Groceries, cleaning, etc.  Renewed a fed acquaintances from last year.  Got our TV and internet connections working again.

Decided not to go to the dance last night.  Just too tired.  But there are dances with a live band every Friday night.  And there are “special” dances periodically.  There is a Hippy Woodstock Dance planned for January 17th.  People are encourage to dress the part.

I checked out the bird garden this morning.  Amazing how it has come along.  Not much is really flowering right now.  But it looks good none the less.

If things work out, I will venture out to do a little birding.  I just found out the today was the Harlingen Christmas Bird Count.  I saw a few people out walking along the Resaca (lake) behind the park.  They were birding and I am assuming they were participating in the count.

I missed the St. Clair National Wildlife Refuge Christmas Bird Count back on January 1st.  But I received a couple of emails today with the results.  15 Snowy Owls.  WOW.





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