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Travel Day 3

We stayed in Temple, Texas (not too far past Waco) at the end of our second day.  Woke up to cold temperatures and drizzly conditions.  That sort of weather remained throughout the day.  Lots of hawks to be seen along the highway.  We pulled into Fun and Sun around 4 PM.

First things first.  Turned on the propane.  Turned on the water.  Turned on the power.  Everything was just the way it was left in April of 2014.  It didn’t take long to run into some people we knew from last year.  After getting the car unloaded, we drove into town and picked up a few essential groceries to get us thru a few days.  Things are very wet here and cold.  46 F is the high today (average is 70 F at this time of year). 46 F is equivalent to 8 C. The forecast says that we won’t see the sun until middle of next week.

On Friday, we went to Time Warner to get internet and cable hooked up.  There is the usual Friday evening dance tonight.  Not sure if we are going or not.

On the bright side, I have started my 2015 Year Bird List.  Without any actual birding, I have 13 birds on the list.


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