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This week I have been very busy running around doing errands and getting things ready for the trip to Texas.  Yet I still found time to get out and do a little back roads exploring.  I was keeping Friday afternoon open for that.  And I’m glad I did.  I found a field that contained 7 Northern Harriers and one Short-eared Owl.  There were also a couple of the Rough-legged Hawks near-by.  What a great way to spend a few hours.

Earlier in the day, I went to see my urologist.  Aren’t you glad I am telling you about that?  His report was good news.

While I was in London anyway, I thought I might as well go to Chapter’s and pick up a couple of books to take to Texas.  A guy needs a little reading material.  I purchased Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon.  This is supposed to be a masterpiece of travel writing.  He writes about the little, out-of-the-way places that don’t get much publicity.  The other book I bought is entitled The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De David Mitchell.  This story is set in Japan in the year 1799.  It sounded interesting and was recommended..

Today, Saturday, I participated in the London Christmas Bird Count.  Mike Nelson and I walked from one end of Komoka Provincial Park to the other and back again (different trail).  This park is criss-crossed with numerous trails.  The weather was damp and chilly.  Overcast.  But the frozen ground and lack of snow made trekking quite enjoyable.  However, there was a definite lack of birds.  Our “best” bird today was a Belted Kingfisher..  We found numerous Golden-crowned Kinglets, a couple of Bald Eagles, lots of chickadees, but just one sparrow (an American Tree Sparrow) and the regular expected birds.

Now I am tired.  Heading to bed shortly.  I NEED MY SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Once was lost, but now is found

Abby.  For the second time this year, I have had to go to the Animal Shelter in Lobo to pick up Abby.  This time, they received a call about a stray dog wandering around in traffic on Metcalfe Street (one of our main thorough-fares) near the Petro-Canada Gas Station.  This was at 4 pm yesterday, about a half hour after I let her out to pee yesterday.  This means that she crossed the rail road tracks and wandered quite a ways from home.  $75 later she is now safely home.


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I thought this was pretty darn good



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Sometimes I let Abby out for a quick pee in the side yard.  Usually, she pees and then comes back to the door to be let back in.  Once in a while, she decides to do a walk-about.  She likes to go off exploring in the area out behind our house.  One someone picked her up and delivered her to the animal shelter.  That was costly.  Well, late this afternoon, she took off again.  I have been out driving around looking for her to no avail.  I am thinking that someone must have taken her in.  She has a tag from the vet with an ID number.  She is very friendly.  I hope someone has her and is feeding her and giving her some water.  If she doesn’t come back tonight, I will check with the animal shelter tomorrow.  The problem is she lost her hearing this past summer.  It doesn’t do any good to go out calling for her.  But if she sees us she will come running.

Abby, Abby, Abby.  Where are you girl?

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One of the things I need to do before leaving for Texas, is to make room in my garage for my van.  Since getting back from Texas in the spring, I have been keeping my utility trailer in the garage.  It has been full of “garage stuff”.  But in order to make room for my van, the trailer had to be emptied and moved.  So today, I emptied the van and took it to Carol’s daughter’s place in Sarnia.  They have lots of room to store the trailer and were happy to keep it for us over the winter.  So now I have to organize the garage.  I can use the van to store lots of stuff and this should provide room for the van itself.

Just one of those details that I needed look after.  One of several.

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nothing like a good book

I have no plans for this evening.  So I think I will just cuddle with Olive Kitteridge.

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Saturday morning

I am up early again.  Listening to ECHOES on WCMU.  Drinking coffee and sending an email off to a good friend of mine.  I am looking forward to the day.  Nothing very special planned, but I enjoy listening to WCMU on Saturdays.  When I close my eyes, I am transported back to the cabin.  I see myself sitting outside in my lawn-chair in front of the bonfire with the radio sitting on the old green chair at the back of the cabin.  The Cedar River flowing past on its way to infinity.  The birds keeping me company.  Just the sound of the DJ’s voices on WCMU will do that for me.

This afternoon, we are going to a concert of men’s choruses here in town.  Some friends gave us tickets to this show.  It is an annual event.  We went last year and enjoyed the music.  I will have to miss “Wait, wait…..don’t tell me” on the radio as it comes on while we will be at the show.  But I can click on this link and listen to it later.

Tomorrow, right after church, we are heading down to Kalamazoo to spend a day or two with my sister.  (Kim:  We won’t have time to drop around for a visit.  But you are in our thoughts — Merry Christmas).

Very busy these days preparing for Christmas bird count participation and getting ready for the trip down to Texas.  There is so much to do.  Plus I have a number of projects that I need  to finish for the church before we can go.

Everyone is so busy these days.  Sorry that I can’t get to spend time with those dear to me.  But my heart is there.

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