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Travel – Day 2

Last night we stayed in Rolla, Missouri.  Today we traveled thru Missouri, then thru Oklahoma and into Texas.  Another 750 miles (1200 kilometers).  These are very long days and I have developed a stiff neck as a result.

The part of Missouri we drove thru is very rugged and hilly.  I believe it is referred to as the Ozarks.  The part of Oklahoma we drove thru was quite a bit different, much flatter and very grassy.

My binoculars are packed away and I have not stopped once to look at birds.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not keeping my eyes open for them though.  Crows were seen all along the way in small numbers.  A few Common Grackles were in flight here and there.  Lots of hawks were seen perched and a few in flight.  I am assuming they are mostly Red-tails.  It is not easy to get a get look while negotiating traffic and traveling along at 120 km/hr.  I did see one that I believe was a Red-shouldered.  The other bird I was able to identify as I zoomed along was a Loggerhead Shrike.  There are lots of ponds and small lakes along the highway in Oklahoma.  And I saw quite a number of ducks sp.  I saw some geese also that looked a little small for Canadas.  I think they may have been Cackling.

Shortly after getting into Texas, darkness fell.  Driving was a bit of a nightmare around Fort Worth/Dallas, down to Waco and beyond where we are staying tonight because I was very tired and there was a lot of construction.

Stopping at a rest area outside Oklahoma City, I heard some chickadees as they flitted about high in some trees.  They sounded different and I wondered if they might have been Carolina Chickadees.  I have seen them before (in South Carolina, where else??).  But I can not remember what they sounded like.  They are resident in Oklahoma.  I checked on the computer tonight.  And it turns out that Black-capped Chickadees are seldom found in Oklahoma.  So I can add Carolina Chickadee to my 2014 year list – my final 2014 bird.

One more thing I learned.  There are numerous “free restrooms” in Oklahoma.

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