Travel – Day 1

30 Dec

Left Strathroy at 5:30 this morning.  The route was a little different this time around.  We went thru Michigan on Highway 69 and then 94.  In far southwest corner of Michigan we crossed over into Illinois on Highway 94.  Then it was south on Highway 55 from Joliet down to  St Louis in Missouri.  Then we cut over to Rolla, Missouri.  That is where we are staying for the night.  This is a little over 1200 kilometers (745 miles).  Made for a pretty long day.  Of course we stopped now and then for breaks.  But I feel good about it.  Traffic was pretty good for the most part.  The worst was in St. Louis.  We arrived there at rush hour.  But even that wasn’t really that bad.  Certainly, no where near as bad as Cincinnati or Houston traffic can be.

Temperature ranged from -8 C ( 17 F) to -3 C (26 F).

Gas was $1.96/gal is Port Huron, $2.08/gal (somewhere in Illinois and $1.77/gal just north of Rolla.  Pretty good when you can fill up for about $40.

I didn’t see much bird life along the way (practically none) until we got to the Highway 55 corridor from Joliet down to St Louis.  Along this corridor, there were numerous Red-tailed Hawks.  They were everywhere.  The neatest sight, however, when a HUGE flock came into sight in the distance.  Turned out to be SNOW GEESE.  There must have been 10,000 birds.  (Carol said, no, only 5,000).  There were as many in the field as there were swirling around in the sky.

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  1. Blake Mann

    December 31, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    Looks like you are off to a good trip.
    (I’d break that number down the middle and go for 7500 geese!)
    Have a great winter!

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