short, quick trip down Egremont Drive

15 Nov

This afternoon, around 3:30, I decided to head out to Egremont Drive, a short distance northwest of Strathroy.  This area is known as a good place to find SNOWY OWLS in the winter.  As I approached “the area”, I noticed a large hawk sitting at the top of a tall tree.  From the position of the hawk, I figured Red-tailed Hawk.  But it looked too dark for a typical Red-tail.  With my binoculars, I could tell it was a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK.  I got this picture.


I drove a little further and saw a white speck way out in a field.  With the binoculars, I could tell it was a SNOWY OWL.  I watched it for a while then decided to head on over to Seed Road, about 1/2 km further.  I have often had good luck finding Snowies along Seed.  But today was not one of those days.  It was dead.  Not even a single Horned Lark.  So I decided to head back and have another look at the owl in the field.

As I approached the area where I had seen the owl, I saw it flying right towards the road and my car.  I pulled over and at the last minute, it pulled up and flew right up to the top of a tree that was just in front of me.  It sat up there and looked down at me.


I sat there for about 15 minutes watching it before driving away.  But just as I got a little ways down the road, something told me to go back and have one last look.  So I pulled a U-turn and headed back.  It was still there.  But then I noticed another bird sitting at the top of another tree a little further down the road.  I thought it was probably a kestrel.  I drove down and pulled up under the tree.  It did not fly off.  I immediately thought – MERLIN.  A kestrel would have flown off when I pulled up that close and stopped the car.  Without binoculars, I could see how dark-looking it was and it appeared stockier than a kestrel.  I drove the car a little further down the road and turned around to get a frontal view.  Such beautiful bird.


The MERLIN did not stick around long, flying off north across the field.  Maybe the presence of this bird is why I did not find any Horned Larks along Seed Road.

Heading for home, I noticed that the owl was still sitting high atop that tree.


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2 responses to “short, quick trip down Egremont Drive

  1. Bob Zeller

    November 15, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    Looks like a pretty good day, by my standards, Dave. 🙂

  2. Kim Nichols

    November 16, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    Wow what a day!!

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