an autumn afternoon

23 Oct

Wednesday afternoon I just had to get out and enjoy some the beautiful autumn weather that has come to southwestern Ontario this week.  I headed north and west of Strathroy, slowly driving down one back road after another.  Eventually, I found myself north of Hungry Hollow, driving to the end of Elm Tree Road.  There is a hiking trail here that winds around looking down upon the Ausauble River. The leaves provided a lot of colour.


There were quite a few birds around, some heading south, some just hanging around.  It was good to see GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS seeking out insects in the trees and bushes.  AMERICAN ROBINS were grouped together feasting on wild grapes.  A HERMIT THRUSH and an EASTERN TOWHEE popped up for a quick few along the trail.  Flocks of sparrows (FIELD, FOX, SONG and AMERICAN TREE) and DARK-EYED JUNCOS flew up out of the weeds and disappeared into a corn field.  AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES accompanied the sparrows.

I didn’t think about butterflies at all until I saw a couple of CLOUDED SULPHURS.  An EASTERN COMMA even put in an appearance.  I guess I should not have been too surprised as we haven’t had a lot of frost yet this fall and yesterday was so sunny.


Back in Strathroy, I was surprised to see a single white-morph SNOW GOOSE amidst the 150 or so CANADA GEESE in Pincomb Larke in the Strathroy Conservation Area.

Gee, I had so much fun, I think I will go out do it again on Friday.

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