what have we here….

13 Oct

The drive up to the cabin Sunday afternoon was most enjoyable.  The sky was mostly clear.  The trees were nicely clothed in fall colours.  Traffic was not bad at all, even at customs in Port Huron.  An ESPN radio show covering the highlights of each of the afternoon football games was on the radio.  After 3 ½ hours of driving, the cabin came into view.  It was almost 5:30.

As always, I kept my eyes open for any birds that I might see along the way.  The wasn’t much.  Aside from the usual and expected, BLUE JAYS, CROWS, TURKEY VULTURES and RED-TAILED HAWKS, I did see a lone male RING-NECKED PHEASANT standing by the side of the rode not far from the cabin.  The only other birds I noticed (and I really was not looking very hard) was a COMMON RAVEN and a WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH Monday morning.

Things at the cabin were just as they were left back on Labour Day weekend.  Upon arrival, it was interesting to note that the temperature inside the cabin was lower than the temperature outside.  A number of small tasks had to be done in short order.  The two electric space heaters were plugged in.  Two big pails were filled with water from the river and brought into the cabin.  And the electric blanket on the bed was plugged in.  Once these tasks were completed, it was time to head into Gladwin and picked up a few grocery items:  A loaf of cinnamon bread, a small package of butter, some coffee cream, some Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, some orange juicer and some coffee yogurt (Dannon).  I have a difficult time finding coffee yogurt back home.

After returning from the store, I tuned the radio to WCMU and listened to “American Routes”, followed by “Blues at the Juke Joint”.  Then it was time to settle back in my comfortable rocking chair and read a couple short stories in my book.

Sometime during the night, it started to rain, not a hard rain, but more of soft, continuous drizzle.  Following my coffee, juice, a couple of sluices of cinnamon toast and a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich, I went up on the roof and tarped the chimney over for the winter.  Keeps the snow and critters out.  I winterized the toilet.  And that was about it.  I loaded up the car and headed back home.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  When I started packing up things to take home, I noticed something on my plastic storage tub.  A Tree Frog.  Not sure how they get it, but they do.  This is probably the 5th one I have found inside the cabin over the past 20 years or so.

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