sore for awhile

08 Oct

I was in the storage room today to shut the valves for the two outside water taps.  (Keeps them from freezing in the winter)  My storage room is long and narrow.  Boxes are piled up along the walls.  And it has become a catch-all for other items that there is simply no other place for.  As I was making my way out, between the boxes and things, in my socks, I stubbed my middle toe on the carpet cleaner, which caused me to ricochet over into the knee walker where I stubbed the same toe again.  I figured it was bruised or possibly broken because it was feeling stiff and sore when I walked.  But when I took off my socks a few minutes ago — WOW.  It is swollen and the most beautiful shades of blue, red and purple.  I think it will be mighty sore for awhile.

I wonder if I can use this as an excuse to get out of work around here.


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