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01 Oct

Other than the strong smell of skunk during some recent evenings, I have not noted much in the way of activity around here lately.  I have not seen any hummingbirds around the feeders since last Wednesday.  Blue Jays and Robins have been passing thru in numbers.  The grape vines on the other side of the fence have provided a food source for them.  Song Sparrows are still showing up.  They like to hang out in the Honeysuckle bush.  There have been a few medium-sized flocks (@ 100 individuals) of blackbirds flying over the marsh (Starlings).  And when the sun is out, (this past Monday was a good example), I am still getting Painted Ladies and Milbert Tortoiseshells coming to my Butterfly Bush.

I have been watching for more migrants going thru, but I am not seeing much.  I am sure that I am missing a lot.  The marsh is full of bushes, tall weeds and grasses and thick stands of smallish willow trees and cottonwoods.  Birds can easily slip thru unnoticed.

Temperatures have dropped off and will continue to slide further.  This coming weekend, the forecast calls for a high of 10 C (50 F).  With my thin blood, I certainly feel these low temps.  Time for jackets and sweatshirts.



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