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still fun

It was a pretty quiet day.  My hummingbird feeder went empty fairly quickly.  I have had hummers here everyday for the past couple of weeks.  I brought it in to re-fill and noticed that it really needed a cleaning.  So I am letting it soak overnight in a mixture of the water and bleach.  I have the syrup made and ready to fill the feeder tomorrow.

That is about all I did today aside from some reading and playing backgammon on the computer.  It started off with some pretty cool temperatures for the better part of the day, but late this afternoon is got kinda nice.  Tomorrow is supposed to be real nice, weatherwise.  Maybe head to the Pinery and rent a kayak if my knee continues to mend.

I am not doing all that great in my football pool.  So far, with each passing week (Week 3 will finish tonight), I am slipping further and further behind.  Oh well, still fun.




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