very nice afternoon

19 Sep

After lunch, I headed south of town towards Lake Erie.  I drove down Thames Road, thru Appin, over Highway 401, thru Dutton, thru Wallactown and kept on to Lake Erie and the John E. Pearce Provincial Park.  This is one of those “low maintenance” provincial parks, not much in the way of upkeep.  No need for staffing at this park.  I watched Lake Erie for awhile.  There wasn’t much to see, except the water.  Then I drove back to the parking lot at the Backus Page house across the road and walked the trail that winds around out behind the house.  The was a White-tailed Deer that spooked as I walked along the trail.  There was a silent, small flycatcher and a number of White-throated Sparrows hiding in the brush along the trail.

Not much of a colour change yet.  Although it has been close, we haven’t had a real frost yet.  Soon, I bet.

But the weather was perfect.  Fall days like this are so nice.  This would be perfect weather to camp or go canoeing.

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