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new trail for me (kinda short)

I took some time this afternoon to check out a trail thru the woods a couple of streets over from where I used to live here in Strathroy.  I heard about this place from a friend of mine.  The trail twist and turns thru a fairly dense wooded area.  Eventually it meets up with a creek that also twists and turns through the woodlot.  The water is quite clear and it looks like a sandy bottom (but I didn’t check that out to be sure).  The trail follows along beside the creek and eventually the trail just stops.  Too bad.  It would be nice if it continued along the water’s edge until it came out at the road further up ahead.  It was pretty quiet in the woods.  A few robins eating some kind of blackish fruit.  And I did see 3 rather large While-tailed Deer.

I spent the evening with some church-related activities.





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