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good day

I discovered a relatively new, young (he is only 20 years old), folksy, country-rock singer/song-writer.  His name is Parker Millsap.  I heard one of his songs on KPIG this morning and immediately started searching on the net for information on this guy.  I listened to a few clips on iTunes and I watched a video that is on YouTube.  I was so taken with his voice, the musical arrangements and the lyrics that I down-loaded the whole CD.

Here is one of the songs on the album.  Forgive Me.

Fall weather could not get any better than it was today.  It was mostly sunny and there was very little wind.  I had a good walk around Clark Wright.  Crows were mobbing a Great Horned Owl.  Cedar Waxwings were sweeping the skies over the pond at the rear of the conservation area.  Blue Jays were screaming in the trees.  It saw an Eastern Comma, a Mourning Cloak, a Pearl Crescent, lots of Cabbage Whites, a couple of Monarchs, a couple of Milbert’s Tortoiseshells (had 6 this morning at one point on my Butterfly Bush at home) and some Orange Sulphurs.

I was just about to check out a trail that I heard was a good spot to see Long-eared Owls when I got called away to attend to a maintenance job at the church,.  Maybe tomorrow or Friday.


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