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for some reason

It is a bit damp (actually, wet) outside from all the rain we have been having, but the sky is mostly clear.  And what a gorgeous fall morning.  Crisp, fresh air.  I think this would be a great weekend to go camping.  I have always liked camping in the fall.  Cool mornings and evenings, but divine, nevertheless.  So if any of my friends are off camping this weekend  —  enjoy.  I’m jealous.  I will just have to be satisfied with vicarious (felt or enjoyed through imagined participation in the experience of others) camping.

I got outside early and puttered around in the wet gardens.  Pulling weeds, getting rid of old dead hanging basket arrangements.  When things dry out later today, I will cut the grass.  Just a great day to be outside.

I’m really pumped today for some reason.

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