a walk around Clark Wright

09 Sep

It has been a while since I walked the trails at Clark Wright.  Despite the mostly overcast sky, I thought that today would be a good time to see how the conservation area looked.  What I noticed was that an ash tree near the parking area was taken down.  And several others have been marked to come down.  These trees were mostly dead.

The goldenrod has grown up tall along the trails in places and need to be negotiated as you walk along.

Cedar Waxwings were plentiful near the pond at the rear.  They tend to flock at this time of year.  One  by one and sometimes two at a time would fly from their perch out over the water catching insects on the wing and then returning to a perch.

Mom and youngin

There were a few butterflies out to be seen.   This Silver-spotted Skipper was one of two that I noted at Clark Wright.  Earlier in the day I saw one on my Butterfly Bush.

Silver-spotted Skipper

I noticed 3 or 4 Eastern Commas


I came across 4 or 5 Painted Ladies.

Painted Lady

Milbert’s Tortoiseshell also put in an appearance.  I saw 3 of these lovelies.

Milbert's Tortoiusshell

Earlier in the day, while walking my dog, Abby, around the marsh area behind the house, I came across quite a number of the Beautiful Tiger Beetles .  They are quite distinctive, with this colourful design.

Beautiful Tiger Beetle

On the back side of the fence that separates the house from the marshy area, grapes are very plentiful.  I imagine they will be quite the food source for wildlife.


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