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don’t forget your flannels

Temperatures here will be taking a nose-dive this week.  Although it is pleasant here today (23 C, 73 F), by Saturday the high is forecasted to be 15 C (59 F).  Not much in the way of moisture expected, though.  So it is still good weather to be out and about.  Anyone that is still thinking about camping should be in luck, as long as they bring their flannels for those chilly nights.

This week, I am thinking about shutting off my water feature, cleaning it out and putting it to bed for the season.  I am also working at getting my little office cleaned up and organized.  I bought another bookcase (IKEA) and put it together this morning.  My other two bookcases were over-flowing and magazines and books were beginning to pile up on the floor.  So I will once again have things looking neat and tidy.

I am also thinking about making a trip over to Hawk Cliff sometime over the next couple of days.


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