rainy day

02 Sep

So far today, there has been a steady rain.  More than just a drizzle.  So I am staying indoors.  I have a new book to read – THE COLLECTED STORIES OF JEAN STAFFORD.  I have also been watching hummingbirds at my two hummingbird feeders.  There are at least three.  I have seen a male and two that are either females or juveniles.  They are not being aggressive with each other.  So I am thinking that maybe it is a family grouping.  I really don’t know for sure.  But I have seen the two females/juveniles together – one feeding and the other perched on the hook holding the feeder.  They seem to be enjoying the steady rain, twisting this way and that, occasionally holding their head up and opening their beaks a bit, like they are taking a drink.  I first noticed them yesterday when I got home from the cabin.  And they have been actively continuous all morning.  It is now almost 2 PM and they are still here.

Canon 1966 (1)


Canon 1981 (1)


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