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My father’s step-dad built my cabin in the early 50’s.  He was a master carpenter and he built the cabin for my grand-mother.  He first build a 8′ x 8′ shed and an outhouse.  He lived in the shed, while the cabin was being constructed.  Thru various chains-of-events, the cabin became mine back in the 80’s.  After the cabin was completed, the shed was used for storage.  The outhouse was not required as the cabin was equipped with a septic system and a bathroom.  When I took ownership, I started using the outhouse as a storage facility for firewood.  But over the years, the outhouse and the shed have become more and more dilapidated. For the past year, I have been planning to tear down the shed and the outhouse and replace them with a new storage shed. 


When I was at the cabin back in early August, my grand-daughter, Bailei, and I, tore down the outhouse.  This past weekend, that wood from the old outhouse, went up in smoke.  I just kept the fire pit going until the old outhouse was no more.  That outhouse had stood in place for over 60 years.  And in just a couple of days, it was gone.

I brought home some magazines that have provided hours of reading material over the years,  AUDUBON Magazines.  From the late 80’s and early 90’s.  They were my dads.  He had a subscription and gave them to me years ago.  Many a night, I would sit by the fireplace in the cabin and pour over those magazines.


For many years, I would take a Canadian Wildflower Calendar Book to the cabin each year and makes notations in it about my activities at the cabin.  I brought those calendars home from the cabin this weekend.  Not sure what I am going to do with them.  But I thought I would go thru them for old times sake.

Point and Click 5 047 Calendars

Here is an excerpt from October 14, 1990:  “Arrived at 5:00 PM with Ben and Levi Oliver.  Beautiful autumn day.  The leaves are very colourful.  Cleaned out and organized the outhouse wood shed.  Bought some sunflower seed.  50 lbs – $10.50.  Ben and Levi caught an opossum (a young one) and then later let it go.  Started to cut the grass on Tuesday.  Hopefully will finish tomorrow.  Cleaned out the tool shed – sorted out the junk.

I also kept lists of the birds seen on each visit to the cabin and these are kept in with the calendars.

Some of the notable things from this past weekend:  While cutting the grass, I noticed a Five-lined Skink go scurrying thru the grass.  Probably scared to death from the lawnmower.  A Pileated Woodpecker flew into the yard and landed on a dead branch high up in one of the Weeping Willow trees.  I ran in to the cabin to get my camera.  But before I could get it focused on the woodpecker, it flew off.  While sitting at the fire-pit Sunday evening, I heard a Barred Owl calling off in the woods.  Each night, right around 9:30, coyotes began howling.  They would keep it up for about 1/2 hour and then go quiet.



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