Music and the Deck

27 Aug

This is a song by Todd Snider – Old Friends



This is a song by Robert Earl Keen – Corpus Christie Bay



What a difference between yesterday and today.  Hot and humid yesterday to the point where I did not even want to go outside, while today the humidity has disappeared and the temperature has dropped to the point where it is almost (not quite) cool.  There is a breeze and it feels good.

I have been sitting out on the deck since getting up,  Coffee, toast, yogurt (wish it was coffee yogurt).

A Gray Catbird was hopping along the top of the fence, “meowing”.  A Black-capped Chickadee flew into in the honeysuckle busy and then promptly dropped out of sight.  A Painted Lady butterfly landed on the fence and spread its wings to soak up some of the sun’s rays.  Two young robins flew and landed on the fence.  Once I moved, they took and flew to who knows where.  A Brown Thrasher flew out across the marsh.  American Goldfinches keep circling around overhead.  A hummingbird zoomed in out of nowhere and checked out my feeders.  This made me get up and clean the feeders (has not been done in a while), refill with fresh nectar and hang them back up for the hummers.

Point and Click 4 Painted Lady

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