Never made it to Sabino Canyon today

14 Aug

I got wrapped up in other things here.  First of all, the internet stopped working in my room.  Totally dead.  So I had the hotel people give me another room.  Packed everything up and moved down the hall.  It is working great here.  Then I found a place in town that sells batteries of all kinds.  I got a new battery for my camera.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to use it this weekend.  Then I took my rental car back to the airport.  I don’t need it this weekend.  But I will pick up a car Sunday afternoon and keep it for the rest of my stay.

I thought that I would mention some more about the trip up the mountain yesterday.  The road up is called the Catalina Highway.  It is in excellent condition.  There were no bumps or dips.  No fallen rocks.  (although there were signs warning to be on the lookout).  There was no construction.  There were lots of pull-offs.  This offers many opportunities to get out and view the surroundings.  Or you can just pull over to let faster cars get by.  On weekdays it is not all that busy.  But from what I have read, weekends are crazy-busy.  Bicycling is very popular here.  There are bike paths, well-marked on either side of the highway.  I saw lots of bikers making the trek up and some coming back down.  It was amazing to see them whizzing down the highway, negotiating all the twists and turns.  The Mt. Lemmon summit is a little over 8,000 ft.  Here is a link to some pictures on the web.  I hope it works.

I was pre-registered for this weekend’s event.  So I picked up my festival package this afternoon:  Name tag and individualized pamphlet with my specific itinerary.  I also signed up to win a pair of binoculars.  And for pre-registering, I received a free Zeiss binocular lens cleaning kit.

One of the events I signed up for was a workshop (1 1/2 hrs) on Flycatchers with Homer Hansen this afternoon.  He is well-known and knowledgeable.  He leads workshops and seminars.  Click on this link to access his webpage.  Flycatchers can be difficult.  Here is Arizona, there are flycatchers that I am not very familiar with, other than seeing them in my field guide.  This workshop was entertaining.  He explained a lot of the finer points in identification.  But I did not bring pen and paper.  So I just have to rely on my memory and we all know how lacking that can be at times.

The next part of the festival begins in 1 1/2 hrs.  The “Nightlife” Social, from 5- 7:30 PM, provides a chance to meet other participants and leaders, and get the logistical details for the rest of the festival.  Should be fun.







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