Clark Wright

23 Jul

Despite the cool temperatures and gusty wind, I spent a couple of very enjoyable hours at Clark Wright this afternoon.  I headed over right after lunch.  There were not a lot of butterflies around.  But I had fun sorting out the ones I saw.  LITTLE GLASSY-WING, COMMON WOOD-NYMPH and LITTLE WOOD-SATYR were the most common.  When I got home, there was a MILBERT’S TORTIOUSHELL and a SPICEBUSH SWALLOWTAIL checking out the flowers in the garden.  The swallowtail was the first butterfly that I have seen on my Swamp Milkweed, and it was relentless, hanging on for dear life against the wind that was blowing the milkweed all around.


There was also a female Indigo Bunting and a Catbird in my water feature.


Tomorrow I’m off early to the dentist to have a tooth pulled.  I have a feeling this is not going to be an easy pull.  I’m going to be pretty sore for a few days.

Speaking of pain, Carol is feeling a lot of it.  It is gong to be some time before her pain goes away.


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