Horticultural Tour and more

14 Jul

We ended up with 105 people dropping by to tour our garden  on Sunday.  I had no idea it would be so well-attended.  But it was fun showing people the plants and bushes.  There were people here from Sarnia, Parkhill, Forest, London, Mount Brydges and, of course, Strathroy.  There were lots and lots of wonderful compliments. Some of the day-lilies had  blossomed yet, but that was OK.  Today, I am taking it easy.  Went for a bike ride this morning down to my old neighborhood to have a look around and see who was around.  There is a condo meeting tonight and tomorrow I go to have some fillings at the dentist.  Next week I go back to have a tooth pulled out.  Decided to just get it pulled out and not bother with an implant or anything.  Too expensive.  Might investigate how much it will cost to have a bridge made down in Mexico next year.

Would be nice to go off exploring later this week.  Waiting to hear from a friend on that.  People are just so darn busy these days.  And of course, I certainly fall into that category.  It is hard for me to just “do nothing”.

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