Trip to the cabin

01 Jul

Thursday we headed up to the cabin.  It was a little over a month ago when I was there last.  Basically, all I did on that visit was survey the place to see how it survived the winter and cut the grass.  From my survey, it was obvious that on this stay, it would be necessary to put my chain saw to work.  A lot of work.  There was a rather large limb that had fallen from one of the Weeping Willows that was half in the river and half on the land.  There were two other large limbs on the ground that had come down over the winter.  AND there were three other big, dead limbs that needed to be brought down before they broke off and came down on their own.

After arriving on Thursday and unloading our gear, we drove down to Mt. Pleasant to look at refrigerators.  The fridge that has been in the cabin since I can remember (same old one that was there when I was a boy – an old Frigidaire) finally gave up the ghost last fall.  At Menards, we found an inexpensive one for $269.00.  Cheapest one they had.  We hauled the old one out  by the side of the road, along with an OLD stove that had been providing nesting sites for mice and chipmunks out in the storage shed, and an OLD 90 lb propane tank and an OLD jet pump that had been given to us but we never used.  Within an hour, a car stopped, and a man and woman started loading all this stuff into their car.  I went out to help.  Scrap metal is worth quite a bit these day.

On Friday, I fired up the lawn mower and cut the grass down on the lowland.  It took pretty much the whole day.  It was thick and wet and tall and I had to make several passes to get it cut and even then the mower kept plugging up at the opening where the grass clippings shoot out.

Matt drove up Friday evening and on Saturday we started putting the chain saw to work.  Matt did most of the cutting, while I hauled the cut-off pieces off into the woods surrounding the lowland.  We worked away on this project for most of Saturday and part of Sunday.

While I was cutting grass on Friday and while Matt and I were working on the fallen limbs, Carol was working on cleaning the windows (inside and out) window sills and shutters.  Thousands and thousands of ladybugs overwinter between the shutters and the windows.  Most of them die there.  And they sure make a mess.

I didn’t have any time to do any birding while there.  Unless, keeping my ears open to catch any songs that I might hear.  Hearing a Barred Owl calling repeatedly Thursday night was neat.  Veery’s are common around the cabin and sang mostly in the evening.  I heard Sandhill Cranes every day, mostly in the morning.  Golden-winged Warblers are breeders around the cabin and could be heard each day.  Also, Mourning Warblers nest here and they sang and called often, as did Pine Warblers.  Amercian Redstarts were heard often.  Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and Northern Flickers were around singing and flying and landing in the trees.  Goldfinches, Chipping Sparrows and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks discovered the feeders on Saturday and stuck around to fill up on the seed.

I was focused on getting work done and did not think much about taking pictures or doing any exploring.  Maybe on the next trip.


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