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26 Jun

Heading up to the cabin today.  I have a few projects there that I want to get started on.  The wood shed will get emptied on this trip.  That shed is coming down.  At one time, many years ago, it was an outhouse.  But that use was discontinued many, many years ago, and it was turned into a wood shed.  It has a terrible lean to it and looks like it is going to collapse.  I was planning on taking it down this trip and burning the wood in a camp fire, but Bailei wants to help out with that project in the worst way and since she has other plans for this long week-end she is not going to be up there to help.  The other project I am going to work on is emptying out the storage shed.  There are things in there what I will take to the dump and there is kindling wood in there that I am going to store outside under a tarp.  That building will also get taken down later this summer (probably the last part of July, when Bailei is available to help out.  In the fall, after those building are leveled and removed, we will put up a new structure that will act as storage shed and a wood shed combined.

I will cut the grass up there too.  AND the main project will be to cut up the fallen limbs that are lying on the ground.  One limb in particular will be no joy, because it is half in the river and half on shore.  This will be tough.  But I will work away on it and by the end of the weekend, it will be there no longer.

Of course, there will be time for relaxing, walking, exploring, reading, birding, looking for butterflies and listening to WCMU. This radio station is broadcast from the campus of the Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, which is about an hour south of the cabin.

Should be home on July 1st for a few days and then we are heading down to Kalamazoo to stay with my sister for awhile and help her with some projects around her place.  So much going on.

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  1. Kim Nichols

    June 28, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    You make me tired….I need a nap….

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