Tuesday afternoon – nice walk at Clark Wright

04 Jun

It was a warm, sunny afternoon  yesterday and I went for a walk on the trails at Clark Wright.  I did not observe any migrants, just the resident, breeding birds of the area.  And not many of those to see.  I did see a few butterflies, though.  It was good to see a couple of Monarchs.  The first of the year for me.  Spring Azures and Cabbage Whites were flying around.  I saw several Hobomok Skipper’s.

Hobomok Skipper

But there was one butterfly that I followed around trying to get a good picture of.  My first thought was Common Ringlet.  And two people that saw the photograph thought it, yes, a Common Ringlet.  Another friend suggested it might be a Henry’s Elfin.  There are some similarities.  Here is a picture I took of “my” mystery butterfly.   Then I am posting an enlargement of a portion of the butterfly.  In the enlargement, the hair (I guess it is called “hair” on a butterfly??) and the eye, should be diagnostic.  My good friend in Texas, Diana, is very knowledgeable on butterflies and she sent me a picture of a Common Ringlet that clearly shows the eye and “hair” around the face.  That clinches it.  Thanks, Diana.


And here is the enlargement.

Common Ringet - maybe

I really like this enlargement.  It shows a lot of detail.  And I don’t believe I have ever seen a “hairy” butterfly before.  But I am very much a novice or “newbie” when it comes to butterflies.

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