12 May

About a month ago, I made plans to meet some friends at Rondeau on Tuesday, May 13th and Pelee on the 15th.  Unfortunately the weatherman is not co-operating.  Both of those days are supposed to quite full of rain here.  But since those are the days we set aside for this, we will go thru with it.  I will just have to take rain gear.

And it is raining here this afternoon.  But I am spending the day indoors reading and listening to the radio.  When I was in Texas, a good friend loaned a book to me.  Wings in the Meadow by Jo Brewer.  It is a story about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly.  I have been looking forward to reading this book, but I had to finish the Collected Short Stories of Katherine Ann Porter first.  I finished that and so now I am about to start reading a book about butterflies.  First time for everything.

It is a bit chilly downstairs here in my den.  Just went up and grabbed a sweatshirt to wear.

Earlier today, I enjoyed watched the Baltimore Orioles at my suet feeder.  And yesterday morning I saw a House Wren hopping along on by backyard fence.  It must have moved on, though.  I have not yet heard a House Wren singing in the back.  I’m surprised.  They are usually here singing by this time.  Should be moving in soon I would think.

One of my favourite duos is Alison Krauss and Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin fame).  Their voices blend magically.  Here is a YouTube video of this team singing KILLING THE BLUES.


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