Nice afternoon

08 May

Just after lunch, while working outside trying to turn a weed patch into a garden, I started noticing several Baltimore Orioles repeatedly coming to my feeder.  At least two males and one female were enjoying the nectar.  Then a hummingbird came by to checked out the oriole feeder.  So I decided it was time to go out and get a real hummingbird feeder.  Mid-afternoon, I was browsing the feeders at Canadian Tire.  Bought a feeder.  Then I headed over to Clark Wright for a hike on the trails.  Saw 6 species of warbler:  YELLOW, BLACK-AND-WHITE, PINE, OVENBIRD, BLACK-THROATED GREEN and COMMON YELLOWTHROAT.  Returned from Clark Wright shortly before supper.  Put the Hummingbird feeder and within 30 minutes, there was a male and female Ruby-throated Hummingbird there for a drink.

This afternoon, the temperature climbed up to about 24 C (75 F).  They are forecasting 26 C for tomorrow.  Clark Wright again tomorrow first thing in the morning.

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