Interesting news on a couple of fronts

18 Mar

First, the park management has agreed to our proposal for a bird and butterfly garden adjacent to the library.  They are going to peel back some of the soil and supply some garden soil to replace it.  They are also going to run a water line to this area to supply water for a mister (which will be setup on a timer) and a dripper with a birdbath underneath.  Volunteers will donate plants and bushes for the garden.  Vines will be planted along the fence that separates this  area from the dog run. We already have some feeders, so that will not be an issue.

Second, we scheduled a field trip for this Friday to Quinta Mazatlan, a World Birding Center in McAllen. We made up flyers and had the post office put one in each mailbox.  Well, so far we have 45 people signed up to go on this trip.


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