chilly here in the deep south

07 Feb

I was up at 5 AM.  And it is chilly here.  Not COLD like my friends up north are experiencing, but certainly not what you would expect down here.  1 C (33 F) this morning when I crawled out of bed.  Actually went out yesterday and purchased an electric space heater (a good one) at Sears.  And it made a difference, too.  Beside the cool temps, it is supposed to be rainy here throughout the day.  So I will be spending a good portion of my day parked in the library.  Toasty warm there.

As I have mentioned here in the past, there is a nice bird feeder “set-up” between the library and the dog park here at the resort park.  Put over the past few years, it has sort of fallen into a state of disrepair.  Until this year.  This year, there are some people staying in the park (myself included, of course) who are putting some life back into the feeder area.  Additional new feeders, lots of oranges.  Hummingbird feeders.  Donations of bird seed.  All good.  And there is a core group of interested residents (birders, horticulturists/botanists) who are hoping to further enhance the feeder area, by adding a water feature (a bird bath with a water dripper and a mister) plus some landscaping of nature plants and scrubs (as in a bird and butterfly garden).  We met yesterday to outline a plan for a proposal to the resort park management for support. I believe that management will accept our proposal (hope I am not being too optimistic), but time will tell.  Having a well-planned bird and butterfly garden and viewing area, could be a big plus for the park.  There are a lot of people who flock to the Lower Rio Grande Valley in the winter.  And there are many RV Resorts competing for their business.  Many of these “winter Texans” (not “Snowbirds” – that is reserved for northerners heading to Florida in the winter) are interested in birding.  In addition to the many social and physical activities the park has to offer, it is also a great location that serves as a base for exploration of the many wildlife areas and World Birding Centers (I think there are 6 of these), all conveniently located within easy driving distance of the resort park.

Different groups here in the resort have names.  For example, there are the C.R.A.B.’s or Conservative, Retired, Adult, Bikers.  This is a sizeable group of motor-cycle enthusiasts that explore the valley, host dances and other fund-raising activities in support of various local charitable organizations.  The birders here have been tossing around for a name, too, and one that has been suggested is “The Old C.O.O.T.s” or Crazy. Old. Ornithological. Trailblazers.  I think it has a certain ring to it.

I will keep you posted on any progress (or lack of) that we make over the next couple of months.


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2 responses to “chilly here in the deep south

  1. kestrelhill

    February 7, 2014 at 11:54 am

    C.O.O.T.! Love it! Now you need the logo on the back of your vest!

  2. Blake A. Mann

    February 8, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    I’d take 1 C any day up here!
    Only saw eight Snowy Owls today (all within Wallaceburg circle)!

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