just another Wednesday morning

06 Feb

It was just another Wednesday morning in San Benito.  The early morning clouds were heavy and wet.  I had gotten up a little later than I usually do and by the time we arrived at the dog park, the Red-winged Blackbirds and the Great-tailed Grackles were attacking the feeders between the library and dog park en masse.  Their calls and their black feathers filled the air.  Lorne and his dog, Cotton, were already there.  Usually we are the first.  But not today.  After chatting with Lorne for a bit, he and Cotton took off. Lorne had business in San Benito.  He was headed to the registry office to register a deed to a park model trailer that he had just purchased.

A little later, I headed for Santa Rosa to check out the Longoria Unit of the Las Palomos Wildlife Management Area.  This was my fourth trip out there since arriving at the trailer park early in January.  Each time, it has been a little different.  Since I had to be back at the trailer park by noon, I did not have much time.  Today, it was quite breezy.  With the trees and bushes swaying around it was difficult to pick out any movement in the branches.  And consequently, not many birds were seen.  One bird, however, took to the air and flew across an open space, moving from one little wood lot to a place with more cover.  A Great Horned Owl.  This was nice to see.

The rest of the day was taken up with shopping.  Costco.  TSC.  Lowe’s.  All afternoon the hunt was on for an electric heater.  And every place we went was out of stock.  Seems there has been a run on electric heaters around here.  I wonder why.

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