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22 Jan

Tuesday morning I spent raking leaves and cleaning up around the trailer.  There is a tree right behind the trailer and it has been dropping leaves continually since we arrived.  But now all the leaves are down.  So I started tackling this job.  The yard is about the same size as the yard back in Strathroy.  I stopped around noon.  No need to get all the work done in one day!!!!  So I grabbed my book and headed over to the library for the afternoon.  Read a little, watch the feeders out the window, read a little, watch a little.  And what did I see?  Best bird was a female Painted Bunting.  I saw it 3 times.  Never stuck around for long.  And I didn’t have my camera with me.  Dang!!!!

So Wednesday morning (today) I went back and this time I took my camera.  Spent just about the whole morning there.  One of the park residents dropped in with a couple more feeder and ask me to put them up for her.  We talked for a bit and the Bunting showed up and before I could get my camera ready, it flew off.  Didn’t see it again after that.

Wednesday afternoon, I got into more raking.  Finished the raking and now I have about 5 piles of leaves to bag up tomorrow.  Like I said……………I am trying to spread this work thing out.

I want to do a little landscaping around the trailer, too.  There is room to put some flowers and/or plants between the trailer and road.  Some of the places are very nicely landscaped.  Others have none.  I want to plant things that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  I want to put in a water drip also to attract birds.

Last night, it almost got down to freezing.  3 C when I got up this morning.  And later this week (Friday), a high of 8 C and rain is forecast.  I realize that this is not cold at all compared to what friends back in Strathroy are experiencing.  And certainly thinking about them.

Went and refilled our water jugs this evening.  5 (1 gallon) plastic jugs.  $1.00  This water is used for drinking, coffee, etc.  The water connected to the trailer we use for washing dishes, showering, etc.  I will try to remember to take some pictures of the place and post them here.

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