Gettings things set up

08 Jan

The trailer and property (there isn’t much property) was like it was left.  They have had a lot of rain around here lately, There is standing water in some of the fields.

Tuesday was a day to get organized.  Still not fully there.  But we made a trip over to Pharr (about a half hour away) to the Costco there.  Then to the Time Warner office in Harlingen to set up cable and internet here in the trailer.  The Park supplies basic cable.  But it is very basic, so we got a more advanced cable package.  The Park also has WiFi in a few locations (the mailroom, the rec hall, an internet room).  But we got a WiFi service coupled with the cable package.  If it was a matter of a few weeks or a month, we wouldn’t bother.  But for such an extended stay, I need my internet.  Amazing how we get used to certain extras in our lifestyle.  For example, I can now listen to the CBC, WCMU and KPIG while staying here in San Benito.

It is a ten minute walk down to the dog run.  And Abby lets me know that she is ready first thing in the morning.  Still overcast here.  Think it rained some last night.

Put up my hummingbird feeder yesterday.  See how long it will be before I see one.

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