Monday – final travel day

07 Jan

We got an early start from Lake Charles and it wasn’t long before we crossed over into Texas.  Saw a sign that said “El Paso – 950 miiles”  Glad that isn’t the destination. Texas is such a big state!!!  The highway took us thru Beaumont and then on into Houston.  Traffic was a bit busier than thru Louisiana, but not too bad. In Houston, we swung off Highway 10 and onto Highway 59.  The landscape along Highway 59 was mixed.  Some agricultural land and some grassland.  We stayed on Highway 59 until we reached Refugio, where we picked up Highway 77.  Then it was Highway 77 all the rest of the way.

When you are zooming down the highway, it is difficult to identify birds along the way, especially the smaller birds.  But Highway 77 is a Hawk Alley.  There are hawks and vultures everywhere.  Mostly Red-tailed Hawks,  But also Harris’ Hawks.  I imagine there are other things, like possibly Swainson’s and maybe Ferruginous Hawks.  Also White-tailed Kites.  But I only identified Red-tailed and Harris’.  Saw some Kestrels and I think I saw a Merlin.  Vultures are everywhere along the highway.  Mostly Turkey.  Outnumbering Blacks about 10 to 1.  I counted 4 Crested Caracaras (clink on the link).

Seems funny to say that it is cold here when it is so much colder (with additional snow since leaving on Friday) back home.  But for this geographical area, it is unusually cold.  It was about 1 C (34 F).  The forecast said it would dip down below freezing, but I don’t think it did.  No frost on the car this morning.  Today it is supposed to get up about 7 C (45 F) with rain this afternoon.  Then is turns nicer for the rest of the week.  21-27 C (70-80 F)

I took Abbey down to the dog run this morning and it was interesting to see a flock of 4 Black-crested Titmouse in the trees.  A Northern Mockingbird was there, too.  There are a lot of Great-tailed Grackles (click on this link) in the park.  I think they are my least favourite bird down here.  They are noisy!!!!!  And they attack and kill (maybe eat, I’m not sure) smaller birds.




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  1. Bob Zeller

    January 7, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    I think the grackles are everybody’s least favorite bird down here. Enjoying your posts, Dave. 🙂

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