Further delays

04 Jan

Got off to a good and timely start this morning.  However, around 9:30, I started to feel a real shimmy and shake.  I thought it was a flat tire.  But the tires were fine.  It was getting worse, so we got a hold of the nearest Ford dealer (13 miles away) .  They said if we could bring it in they would look at it and makes repairs if possible.  Turns out the right axle shaft and jack shaft assembly needed to be replaced.  They had to locate one and have it brought it.  We were there waiting until 3 PM.  Not the greatest  time.  But they provided great service.  Even had a driver take us out so we could get some lunch.  And the bill was $358.91.  The same work done back home, would have been twice that.  Some consolation, anyway.

Made it Memphis and called it quits for the day.

Birds:  Yesterday, I saw a Red-shouldered Hawk land in a tree right beside the highway as we were creeping along.  Today, I saw a Northern Mockingbird when I stopped at a McDonald’s for coffee.

Hoping for better luck tomorrow.



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