It’s that time of the year again

12 Dec

Christmas Bird Count season that is.  Every year during the Christmas season, legions of birders take to the roads, woods, lakes, ponds, swamps, etc to look for birds and contribute their sightings to their local Christmas Bird Count tally.  This is a great time of exploration and discovery.  A wonderful social evening follows with a gathering of the counters as they partake in a warm meal and total up the days sightings.

Most years I take part in 5 different area counts.

  • London
  • Blenheim
  • Strathroy
  • Wallaceburg
  • St. Clair National Wildlife Area

Unfortunately, this year I am unable to participate in the Blenheim count due to another commitment.

Generally, it is cold and snowy at this time of year.  But not always.  I remember walking around in the rain on the Blenheim Count one year.  Once, on the London Count, there was so much snow it was VERY slow going and strenuous working my way thru the deep, drifted snow.  On the St. Clair Count, I remember a friend of mine falling thru the ice and getting wet up his hips.  (a quick change of clothes and he was all set to keep going).  One year I drove my car right off the road and into a farmer’s field when I lost control of the vehicle on black ice.  Another time a stone went thru the back window of my van and shattered all the glass.  (there is a story about that but I won’t go into it here).  So many memories, as I have been participating in these counts since the early 1980’s

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