10 Dec

I started the day off as I usually do.  Up early.  6:30 this morning.  Once I wake up, I just have to get out of bed.  I very seldom can go “back to sleep”.  And staying  in bed when you’re awake just seems like a waste of time.  So I get up.  Pee.  Splash some warm water in the my face.  Go directly to the coffee maker in the kitchen (just got a new one — a BUNN Coffee Maker — one cup at a time).  With my cup of coffee in hand, I turn on the TV and watch a little of MORNING JOE — an MSNBC political talk and commentary show (mostly liberal-minded — although Joe, himself, is a stanch conservative.  So there I sit, in my underwear, until my dog, Abby, starts to make noises about going outside.  So I throw some clothes on, take what left of my coffee, if it’s not done yet, and head outside (rain or shine, hot or cold, doesn’t matter — you just dress for whatever Mother Nature brings your way).  Abby and I slowly make our way down to the corner and back.  When we get back, I throw some bird seed onto the platform feeder.  Once inside, Abby is fed and watered.  And I then head downstairs to check my computer, start some music up (KPIG or WCMU) and pick up some reading material.  And unless there is something pressing to do.  I usually stay down here, alternating between reading and surfing for the batter part of the morning.

There is a little more activity in the neighborhood these days.  Work on another new home has begun.  Yesterday some heavy earth moving equipment cleared the way for the footings.  The footings will go in today.  The foundation will be next — probably late this week or the start of next week.  It will be interesting to note the progress.  Doesn’t take long.  Someone will be moving  in before you know it.  Probably in February or March.

Later today I will take on a few tasks around the house and Wednesday I am planning to head out and do a little “exploring” — see what I can find.

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