Still some snow on the ground, but…..

04 Dec

it almost felt like spring.  The temperature was 8 C (46 F) and the sky was almost blue (high thin clouds).  I was wearing a sweatshirt (hoodie) and a jacket.  But I could have done without the jacket.  I spent a couple of hours driving on the backroads.  First, I headed over to Seed Road to see if I could spot any Snowy Owls.  I saw only 1 owl today.  Then I headed north on Seed.  Sure enough, there was a Bald Eagle in the same general vicinity that it has been in for the past week.  Then I drove over to Kerwood Road and headed north.

This is the area designed for Wind Turbine installations.  I drove around the area and spotted 3 more Bald Eagles.  The Wind Turbines could be trouble for the eagles, although I just read an article about a Wind Turbine study that concludes that the turbines do not pose any more of a threat than most houses and certainly not as many as road-kills/traffic.

It seemed to be a great day for Northern Harriers.  They were out in great numbers.  I must have spotted at least 12 individuals.  They were hunting over the fields and pastures.  Also spotted a Northern Shrike — nice to see.

Last week, I finished reading The Orphan Master’s Son, by Adam Johnson.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  It was a fictional account of life in North Korea.  A bit fanciful, but well-crafted.  Today a book arrived in the mail that I had ordered thru Chapter’s/Indigo.  The Travels of Jamie McPheeters by Robert Lewis Taylor.  This book was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1959.  It wasn’t cheap.  $39.  Yikes!!!!!  But it promises to be a good read.

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