searching for owls

26 Nov

They are out there.  But most people never see or hear them.  Even when you go out with the express purpose of locating an owl, it can be frustratingly difficult.  There is something about the onset of winter that turns my mind to take on that challenge.

Yesterday, at dusk, I was out driving the back roads, searching for Short-eared Owls.  There is some suitable habitat (not a lot, but some) south-west of Strathroy.  Again, unfortunately, I dipped (was unsuccessful).  I’m convinced that they are out there. It is just a matter of finding the right area.  I still have more places to look and I will keep looking.

But just so the evening wasn’t a total wipeout, I started looking for Screech Owls once it got completely dark.  I went to 6 different woodlots.  I found Screech Owls in two of them.  I wanted to continue searching further into the night, but the wind started to pick up substantially and making for poor owling conditions.  So around 7 PM, I turned around and headed back home.

I have a number of errands to run today.  Heading to London later this morning to see my doctor and then I’m going over to a camera store to pick up a lens cap (I lost the one that came with the camera lens).  But tomorrow, I plan to head out in the afternoon to search for a Saw-whet Owl and maybe even a Long-eared Owl.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Bob Zeller

    November 27, 2013 at 7:47 am

    Good luck on your owl hunt, Dave.

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