Day Four (and five) in the Monterey Bay area

16 Sep

Sunday we went to Big Sur to bird Andrew Molera State Park and to meet with the staff at the Ventana Wildlife Society (California Condor monitoring and recovering).  Our 9 person group found 31 species of birds, 3 of which were “lifers” for me.  This brings my “lifer” total for the trip to 21 “lifers”.

One of the lifers today was the California Condor.  There are a total of 340 California Condors in existence.  There are 61 birds in central California.  There are some birds in the Grand Canyon, some in southern California and quite a few in captivity.  We were able to view 7 individual condors.  It was quite an experience.

The last day of the festival was Sunday.  I was able to see most of my target birds. However, there are still a few that I did not get. One of these was the Black Oystercatcher.  So this morning we headed up the coast past Santa Cruz to the Natural Bridges State Park where we heard we could find the oystercatcher.  SUCCESS.  I also got Bushtit at the park.  Bushtits are quite common and I have seen them before, but not on this trip so far.  We also visited the Henry Cowel State Park (just east of Santa Cruz) to see some ancient redwood trees.

This has been a terrific festival in a very neat location.  I still haven’t seen a Yellow-billed Magpie and with any luck I will be able to pick this up tomorrow.


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