Well… did rain……

31 Jul

This morning it was a bit overcast.  But since I haven’t been out touring around the back roads lately, I thought, what the heck, today is as good a day as any.  So off I went.  I drove over to Hawk Cliff, keeping to the back roads as much as I could.  (Except for a tour down the main drag of St. Thomas — a town that is crumbling apart and from what I saw driving down the main street, a town that is home to a large number of people down on their luck.  A pretty sad-looking place.)  I drove thru Sparta, a quaint, touristy collection of antique-selling store-fronts, candle retailers, etc.

Eventually, I turned onto Dexter Line and headed towards Hawk Cliff Road.  The place was deserted, which is what I expected.  I parked the car and walked the short distance down to the actual cliff.  WOW!!!  Erosion has certainly taken its toll.  Lake Eris looked very calm.  I could see a number of fishing boats.  Bonaparte’s Gulls flying by.  The cliffs all along Lake Erie make tremendous habitat for Bank Swallows.  And they were flying around out over the water and along the cliff-side.

The trees and bushes lining Hawk Cliff Road were providing cover for numerous birds.  But I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to see and identify them.  It was getting late and I still wanted to take a leisurely drive back home via Fingal Road.  Heading west from St. Thomas, I eventually came to the Fingal Wildlife Management Area.  This place was originally an old military base of some sort.  But now it is very overgrown and littered with trails crisscrossing the area.  As there wasn’t much time for exploration, I did not stay long.  Just a short walk.  Then I headed north, past the Southwold Earthworks, thru Ion Station, thru Middlemiss, Melbourne and on towards Strathroy.

As I got closer to home, the clouds were getting darker and darker.  I got the chair cushions in off the deck, hooked up the trailer to the van and headed to the dump.  (Needed to unload the tree branches that have  been living in my trailer since Saturday.)  On the way to the dump, the heavens opened up and the rained came down.  It did not take me long to unload the trailer.

And I was thankful that I had such a nice tour thru some unfamiliar back roads.

One of the things I like to do with this blog from time to time is share some music with my readers.  One of the musicians I learned about while listening to KPIG radio is Todd Snider, a sort of folk singer/song writer.  His song “Alright Guy” is a favourite of mine.  So if you are up for a little musical diversion, just click on the song and I hope you enjoy it.







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