Deck moments

30 May

I love my early mornings on the deck.  Cup of coffee.  My binoculars.  6 AM.  Listening to the morning bird song.  Watching to see what birds come to my peanut feeder.  What birds come to my waterfall and small pond.  This morning there were just the usual, expected birds.  The House Wren singing near his house in the neighbor’s yard.  The numerous young E. Starlings flying around.  The Song Sparrow sitting atop the honeysuckle bush just beyond the fence and singing his song.  Common Grackles flying out over the marsh.  Three Canada Geese flew by overhead.  Mourning Doves landing on the fence and surveying the area.  A Belted Kingfisher flew by, calling.  There is a nesting pair of Kingfishers in this development.  They have a burrow in one of the embankments that mark out roughly the site of future homes.  A Robins sitting on the rooftops of a couple of neighbors homes.  A few Goldfinches flying off into the marsh.  And numerous Red-winged Blackbirds of course.

Yesterday evening, sitting on the deck, I saw a Catbird jump up onto the fence and then fly quickly away.  And then a Baltimore Oriole flew in and landed on the hummingbird feeder.  It was unable to reach the nectar so it flew off.  But that prompted me to quickly run down to Canadian Tire and buy an oriole feeder.  Hopefully, the oriole will return.

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