No Northern Shrike, but……..

12 Dec

Late this morning I hopped in the van and took off for Seed Road, a short distance north-west of town.  Snowy Owls can often be found along this road in the winter.  But today I did not find any.  From Seed Road, I head west until I came to Sexton Drive.  This road runs along the Middlesex/Lambton County line.  I headed south along Sexton. 

I was hoping to chance upon a Northern Shrike.  That was my target bird for the dirve.But no such luck.  In fact, birds were quite scarce.  Aside from a few American Crows and a small flock of birds flying away off over a field (Horned Larks??), I didn’t see much until a spotted a Rough-legged Hawk sitting a bush alongside the road, just after I crossed the rail-road tracks.  I followed the hawk with my binoculars as it crossed the road in front of me and then flew towards a wood lot off to my right.  As I watched a Bald Eagle appeared in my field of vision.  It was sitting in a tree and the Rough-legged Hawk flew by it fairly close.  I jumped out of the van to get a better look at the eagle.  As I stood watching it, a second eagle flew out from the wood lot, crossed the field and landed in a tree in another wood lot closer to the rail-road tracks.  Then the eagle that I originally had seen flew over and joined it.Before long they both flew off and disappeared behind the trees.

It was quite an unexpected, but very welcome sight.

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  1. Bob Zeller

    December 12, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    I enjoyed your post, but when you got to describing your adventure with the hawk and bald eagles, I waited in anticipation for some photos. Alas, there were none. Hint. Hint. 🙂

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