Great evening in Sarnia

06 Oct

Friday evening was the grand opening of the new art gallery in Sarnia.  The first Friday of each month is a busy night in Sarnia.  All the downtown shops stay open.  People go downtown in droves.  A portion of one of the streets is closed and a tent is set up.  A live band plays under the tent.  But in addition to the usual goings-on, the grand opening of the gallery brought even more people to the core.  The gallery opened at 6 and was supposed to close at 9.  There was a HUGE line-up to get in.  Since one of the artists at the opening is my son, we got special treatment and did not have to wait in line.  Thank goodness.  There were still people waiting to get in at 8:45.  I ran into several people that I used to work with when I was working at the plant.  And of course, Ben my son) and his wife Genevieve were there.  I saw some of Ben’s friend.  It was a real neat home-coming for him since he now lives in Vancouver.  My other some son, Cory, and his family were there, too.  They drove down from Ottawa.  Just great to see everyone again.

Today, everyone is coming to our place for a Thanksgiving celebration.  My sister is even driving up from Kalamazoo.  We have been preparing for this day most of the week.  And right now, Carol’s daughter, Catherine, and Bailei, our grand-daughter, and Carol are busy working in the kitchen.  It will be non-stop preparations until sometime this afternoon.

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