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More photos from our summer trip out west

Oregon is a pretty wet state.  We thought this moss covered tree looked interesting.

We saw a lot of Tsunami Evacuation Route signs.

All along the Oregon coast, there were state parks.  Very little development along the coast.

Another ocean side view

At one point, we had to wait for a herd of Elk to cross the road.

The road sometimes twisted and turned thru the forest.

So neat to see the big trees right at the edge of the road.  Makes you feel so small in comparison.

This is the vehicle we rented parked beside one of the giant trees.

The road just went on and on thru the forests.

This is a picture of Carol on Lombard street in San Francisco.


There were numerous street musicians.

Here is another street musician.

This is a Heermann’s Gull.

Here a pic of another interesting street musician.

This interestng shop is in Haight/Ashbury.

And this is the very famous corner itself.

And are you hungry?


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Looking forward to Thanksgiving

I have a little over a week left before I have to start going back to work.  My stitches should be taken out on Tuesday.  And I am starting to feel a little strength coming back into my hand.  It will be nice to once again start working in the garden. 

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend.  It will be a family gathering.  I can’t remember the last time that I could see both my sons were together.  One lives in Vancouver and one lives in Kemptville (near Ottawa).  This will be a special time for me.  We are having a Thanksgiving meal together at our house on Saturday.  My sister might be able to join us, too.  Carol has been going over her recipe books and is excited about putting together a big meal.  She has gone “over the river” (to Michigan) today to buy all the fixings,


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should be a nice day to get out and go for a walk

It is a bit foggy this morning, but the forecast says it will clear up and be a pretty nice day.  Would be nice to get out and go for a trail walk or a bike ride.

UPDATE:  Well the sun didn’t quite come out as much as the weather man said it would.  But I still went out for a bit this afternoon.  Not for long, just a couple of hours.  Drove up to the Parkhill Conservation Area.  Lots of trails there.  Great place for walking.

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make the most of it

This is the last week I have off due to carpal tunnel release surgery.  I expect that I will be heading back to work Friday night.  So I will make the most of it.  I want to get to Hawk Cliff one more time this week.  And I expect to hit the trails around here, too.  Tuesday I get the stitches out.  But other than that, I want to keep active and see what comes my way.

So how did I make the most of it today??  Well actually I haven’t even stepped outside today.  Spent all day downstairs reading my novel, listening to the internet radio, and reading blogs.  Pretty quiet, all in all.  I’m afraid I wasted what looked like a pretty nice day.  Oh well, there is always Wednesday.

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