Trip to the Cabin

26 Aug

I got out of work Friday morning at 8 AM.  When I got home, we began packing suitcases and loading up the trailer.  It about noon when we pulled out.  I was pretty darn tired on the way up.  Hard to focus.  Carol did some of the driving.  We arrived at the cabin around 4 in the afternoon.  Unloaded the trailer and the van, set up some lawn chairs, started at fire in the fire pit, got out my book and just zoned out until 8:30 when I headed to bed. 

And even though, it was at the cabin, I had one of the worst nights sleep I have ever had.  My carpal tunnel hand and arm would not quiet down.  I must have gotten up at least 10 times (maybe 12) to just sit on the edge of the bed to get my hand and arm to relax and stop hurting.  Each time, I would lay back down it would start all over again.  Fiinally, I got up at 6 AM Saturday morning and sat outside in a lawn chair.  Watched the sun come up and listened to the morning bird song, trying to identify as many of the songs and calls that I could.

The rest the gang got up around 8 AM and we sat around drinking coffee.  Breakfast was made on the grill.  Bacon, eggs and hash browns.  Tasty.  Everything took off to go sight-seeing and shopping at the grocery store.  I stayed back and got out the lawn mower.and went to work on the fairly tall grass down in the lowland.

When Carol, Bailei and Julia returned, Bailei took over on the lawn mower and finished cutting the grass.  Later in the afternoon, Bailei and I took Abby for a walk down the road and back onto my Uncle’s property.  The old trail is almost gone.  At one point I thought I had taken a wrong turn, the trail was so over-grown.  By next year, there will be no trail there any longer.  Such a shame.  When my uncle was alive, he use to cut the trail at least once a year with a brush-hog.  But his son-in-law doesn’t do that, so it is just growing over.

Spent Saturday evening, sitting around reading.  I went to bed around 9 PM.  I was worried that I might have another sleepless night.  But it was altogether different.  Went right to sleep and slept like a baby.  Only woke up once.  And I slept for about 10 hours.  That is so very unusual for me.

When I did get up this morning I sat outside in my lawn chair drinking coffee.  It was pretty quiet.  A GREAT BLUE HERON flew low along the river.  I heard SANDHILL CRANES calling from near-by.  (I think they next somewhere across the road from the cabin.)

I bathed in the river this morning.  A bit brisk, but refreshing.

Around mid-morning, we starting cleaning things up.  Packing.  Loading.  Left for home around 1:30 PM.  There was a HUGE line-up at the bridge to get back into Canada.  I haven’t seen that kind of back-up in a LONG while. 

So I’m back home now and I’m psyching myself up to go back into work.  Hope I have another good night’s sleep.


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  1. Sheila Skinner

    August 28, 2012 at 7:48 am

    I’m hoping that when you finally do retire, you will be able to spend more relaxing time up at the cabin. Instead of a quick 48 hr. do all the mowing and come back. It’s such a magical place for bird watching and well as just refreshing your soul. Kinda like going to Montana without the mountains.

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