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On my own…..

So what does a guy do when his wife is away?  (Carol and her daughter, Catherine, went to Barrie yesterday to visit Catherine’s daughter.  Her daughter, Bailei, is two-thirds of the way thru a 3-week cadet camping expedition.)  I know what you are thinking………binoculars…….trail walking.  WRONG!!!!!!!!!  Instead, I stayed put.  Buried my nose in my book.  (I’m reading a story about Gary Gilmore.  He was convicted of murder in Utah back in the 70’s and executed for his crimes.  At the time, it had been 10 years since anyone had been executed in the states.  Gilmore accepted the sentence and wanted it carried out as scheduled without any delays.  But politics got involved and there was a stay of execution.  This did not go over very well with Gilmore — an interesting story written by Norman Mailer)  Listened to WCMU public radio streaming over the internet.  And worked on my gardens, weeding and playing in the dirt.

A very productive weekend.  Back to work at the plant tomorrow night.

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Pictorial review of the trip out west – Chapter One

Carol and I met up with my sister and my brother and his wife in Seattle.  We arrived on Friday, the 27th and left to travel down the west coast to San Francisco on Monday, the 30th. 

Here we are.

The Seattle sky-line from the ferry to Bainbridge Island

My sister-in-law and I with the Seattle sky-line in the background.

One of the more colourful passengers on the ferry.

Carol and I in the lobby of our hotel in Seattle.

We spent the better part of Sunday at the Pike Place Market.  This the market where they throw the fish.

Checking out the fish for sale.

Great little bakery at the market.

A planter.

There was a flower booth in the market with the most amazing, colourful flowers for sales.  $5 each.  Can’t believe how inexpensive they were.

Hanging peppers.

Mozaic public washrooms.

Someone’s feathered friend.

Looking down from above.

The very first Starbuck’s.

Strumming the banjo in front of Starbuck’s.

Getting ready to peddle her wares.

A mirror image.

My brother, sister with a fellow market-goer.

One of the peddlers.

Aprons for sale.

Strumming away.

Fish food??

Just another summer Sunday morning.

Street corner musician.

Cup of coffee, anyone??

Accordian player in the alley.

All in all, it was a very scary place.

That is enough of the market.  Chapter Two will show what we encountered as we headed down the coast. 




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