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Saturdays’s boat trip

Spent pretty near a full day out on the water.  The boat pulled away from shore shortly after 8 AM.and docked in the afternoon around 4 PM.  It was fairly cool out there.  I wore a jacket, a touque and a pair of gloves.  That allowed me to be quite comfortable.  The boat headed for the Farralon Islands.  It took over 2 hours to get out there.  Once there, we just drifted and slowly motored around the islands.  Tour leaders spoke to the group about the history of the islands and the research going on there presently.  I got 5 life birds as we circled around: 1) Sooty Shearwater 2) Brandt’s Cormorant 3) Cassins’s Auklet 4) Tufted Puffin and 5) Western Bluebird.

Then the boat went out to the continental shelf.  We looked for whales and saw 3 different species:  Hump-backed, Blue, and Gray. 

Common Murre and Pigeon Guillemont were seen in abundance.  Cassins’ Auklet were quite common, also.  They were seen often surfacing right beside the vessel and then sort of flutter/flying along the surface of the water away from the boat — quite comical.  I only saw 3 Tufted Puffins.  But they were spotted quite close to the boat and allowed for some really good pictures.

Never saw 100’s and 100’s of Red-necked Phalaropes together before.  That was quite a sight.  It was a terrific tour and my first Pelagic trip.  Already looking forward to my next one, whenever that will be.


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